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VBA Programming

Each of the Microsoft Office products Excel, Word, Outlook etc., comes complete with a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming environment that can be used to create macro programs.  These are used to automate the features and functions of those products, thus allowing almost any manual, repetitive task to be  done much faster and easier with fewer errors.

Beyond that it is possible to create applications that integrate all of the Office products together with other Windows-based software on your desktop.  This means  you can automate, organize and combine many tasks that you do today manually and get them done in a small fraction of the time, perhaps saving hours per day. Multiply this by the number of people in your organization and you have powerful time-saving potential!

Unfortunately, many organizations that make the investment in MS Office fail to use its full potential.

Compuliterate provides the expertise to let you harness  that power and get the most out of your invested dollars. We'll create any kind of Office solution you need from a simple macro to a complex multi-user application, and you will very soon be saving time and money.



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